Yummies Fun Facts

  • Cupcakes were first baked in teacups and/or ramekins before the invention of the multi-cup pans – the kind we use today!!
  • December 15th is known as national cupcake day!
  • Nuts are actually a dry type of fruit that grow in a hard shell.
  • Peppermint increases stomach acidity, aiding digestion. A great post dinner tea to help ease bloating if you indulged a little too much! 😛
  • In 1493 Christopher Columbus took chickens on his second voyage to the New World so the sailors would have eggs to eat during their travels.  We love EGGS! 🙂
  • “Baby Ruth” candy bar was named after the daughter of U.S. president Grover Cleveland in 1921.  (Not the baseball player!!)
  • Rocky Road Ice Cream was named after the troubled United States during the Great Depression.
  • Did you know eggs from many animals are edible…including eggs from ducks, geese, pigeons, turtles, ostriches, and even crocodiles!!!  Don’t worry!  Tina’s Yummies does not bake with any of them!! 😉

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