Peanut Butter Whopper Bars!

Peanut Butter Whopper Bars!

These Peanut Butter Whopper Bars are rich and creamy and full of sweet yumminess!!!  And probably one of the best things you will EVER put in your mouth!!!  On that note, if you are going to make them for a party – make sure you have the recipe handy, because you WILL have everyone asking for it!!  Of course,  you could always send them to this blog… as it’s an easy step-by-step with pictures, foul proof recipe!




1 Roll Refrigerated Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (I used Pillsbury)

1/2 Pint Whipping Cream

1/2 Can Creamy Vanilla Frosting ( I used Duncan Hines)

2 Cups Creamy Peanut Butter

7 oz. Marshmallow Creme

2 Cups Whoppers , chopped

Chocolate Syrup (for drizzle)


Preheat oven to 350.  Spray 9×13 pan with Non-Stick Cooking Spray.

Press evenly to bottom of pan

Press evenly to bottom of pan

Break up Cookie Dough and press evenly into bottom of pan.

Bake 15 – 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Set aside, and cool completely for about 30 minutes.

Whip Whipping Cream

Whip Whipping Cream until soft peaks

In a medium size bowl, whip Whipping Cream until soft peaks, and set aside.

Beat Creamy Peanut Butter & Vanilla Frosting

Beat Peanut Butter & Vanilla Frosting

In a separate bowl, beat Vanilla Frosting and Creamy Peanut Butter until well blended.

Carefully Fold In

Carefully Fold into Peanut Butter mixture

Carefully Fold in Wipping Cream, Marshmallow Creme and 1 1/2 cups of chopped Whoppers.

Spread evenly

Spread evenly

Spoon mixture over cooled Peanut Butter Cookies, and refrigerate for 2 hours or until cream layer is set.



Before serving, sprinkle remaining chopped Whoppers and drizzle Chocolate on top.

Cut into squares and ENJOY!  🙂


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